Orange Dot Vipers

"Simply put this is the best fin on the market for bodysurfing and one of the best for bodyboarding. MSVipers give me great thrust on both the downward and upward kick for rapid acceleration for take offs. The shape of the fins hull give me the best control and speed through the wave of any wave riding fin I have used."
Mike Stewart 9 X World Champion Bodyboarder and 15 X Pipe Bodysurfing Champion.

Orange Dot MSVIPERS: Same great MSVIPER design made with softer rubber compound’s

The Orange Dot MSVipers are a great feeling softer fin. For anyone that finds the Yellow dots too stiff this is a great option. You can really feel the 100% natural rubber quality in these with a much easier and springier kick in both the down and up-stroke. I would suggest the orange dots in particular for the smaller sizes (s, xs).

All MS VIPER surfing fins float high and are visible in the roughest surf conditions. MSVIPERS have the best foot pocket drainage system in the market today that works great to eliminate any sand or pebbles in your kick.

MSVIPERS Also have Rivet grip tread that enhances footing on slippery rocks yet wont snag on coral or sharp objects.